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Posted on: March 6, 2011 4:40 pm

BYU and Davies

I have write on the situation at BYU w/ Brandon Davies being dismissed for having sex w/ his girlfriend.  I'm not trying to put down the Mormon religion, but what they did was far too extreme.  I recognize that the school has the right to establish their own policies and they can take that type of action if they see fit.  However, having the right to do something doesn't make the action taken inherently right.  First, where's the attrition, the forgiveness?  If God forgives, can the school not?  It would have been one thing to suspend him through the conference tournament, but not completely disregard him.  He's a human being.  To reiterate, that's HUMAN being!  If anyone else at BYU is perfect, they should come forward.  I understand that a code of conduct was signed and the palyer knew what it entailed.  However, he made love to a girlfriend; a person I would hope he was in love with; he didn't use a prostitute.  I don't condone pre-marital sex.  As someone who works in the HIV/STD section of his state's health department, there's too much risk to be cavalier about it.  I would expect universities like BYU to be on a higher level of forgiveness as well.  I understand their position and I know they want to make sure others don't do that.  We live in a time when athletes are suspended and dismissed a lot.  While the details aren't normally released or very specific, I can bet that cases of players having consentual sex are among them.  W/ athletes comitting rape, robberry, assault and battery, is this a person/athlete who deserved his punishment, especially when so many others are never dismissed even when they commit true offenses.  We are ALL sexual beings by human nature.  Another part of human nature is giving second chances.  One more thing, I don't know if Davies was Mormon or not.  I forget specifically, but I don't think every student or athlete at BYU is Mormon; if I'm wrong, my bad.  If I'm right, or even not, is it fair to force that religion on trhem because they go to that school.  I have to say hell no!  The school is getting their money or at least their talents.  Let them be who they are.  If they commit criminal offenses, kick them off the team, but not for being inherently human!
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