Posted on: January 1, 2012 5:28 pm

An Astronomical New Year? Wouldn't seem so.

Ok Astros fans.  MLB expects us to buckle in for last ride in the National League w/ our team.  How ironic, that in the 50th anniversary of the Astros in the National League, that it could be their last.  Bud Selig and his cronies are bullying bastards that obviously don't care about the fans.  Do they care that most of us live in the Central time zone and would have to stay up later to watch all the west coast games?  Hell no they don't.  I have a real job and have to get up early.  So do most fans.  It's pathetic. 
If they had half a brain, they would realize the Brewers are far more suited to go back to the AL, be in the Central and Kansas City would fit in the West Division nicely.  You can still have more a rivalry between Texas and Houston if interleague play is going to be throughout the season. 
It's obvious that the fans are not happy.  W/o the fans, what do the teams and baseball itself have anyway?  Nothing. 
I believe all Astros fans should get in on a class action suit against MLB to undo this travesty.  Why should MLB be allowed to be so unethical?  I don't see how that kind of bullying is even legal.  They took a team in a highly vulnerable circumstance and coerced them them to get what they want just so the sale could be approved.  This team is so young and at such an early stage of rebuilding, they can't compete in the AL as well as they could in the NL.  Is it fair to us to watch our team go through hell for several years just to please the greedy cronies running the sport? 
It's very disconcerting at the least and makes it very difficult to look forwward to the new season.  I can only hope the new owner and GM will get the team competitive expediently so they're not massacred. 
Posted on: October 9, 2011 10:00 am

Houston has more than a problem

Ok.  I am a life long Astros fan.  I never thought I'd ever it see the organization slip this much.  It's a depressing state of affairs.  I realize Drayton McClane is selling the Astros, but for him to allow the team to get in this much disarray seems unimaginable.  I can't fathom he would suddenly care so little for the organization, not to mention the fans and the city, to let this happen.  I understand needing to cut salary at times, but if you want to have enough fans in the seats to help make a profit, you need to provide a quality product to at least give an appearance that you want to win.  I don't mind some trades to provide good young talent for the future either.  However, trading Hunter Pence and Michael Bourn, two very solid players that were in their 20s and could still be Astros for some time to come, was ludicrous.  They got Cozart and Singleton for Pence.  Is Singleton a backup plan in case Wallace doesn't pan out?  It still would have been better to go after Dominic Brown, who probably could have been had.  Cozart is listed as having the kind of delivery that could set him up to be an injury prone pitcher in the future.  As for the Bourn trade, they received mediocre failure Jordan Schafer who now has his new arrest for drug possession.  That may not make him an anomaly in sports or baseball itself, but it's not what any fan wants to see in a player that is being looked at as the main candidate for the starting center fielder position.  The pitchers they received in the deal will probably never reach any great level in the majors.  I hope I'm wrong, but based on the scouts' predictions, it's difficult to think otherwise.  I always hear about the importance of having a great minor league system, but who cares if the players are only good minor league players and are castoffs.  If they don't have much chance to crack the big leagues, then it will be more difficult to trade them and get a better prospect and they won't help your team so you'll probably have to trade again (if you have anything left to trade) or spend more again on the free agent market.  It's pathetic. 
It's not all Ed Wade's fault, but he's not a great GM.  McClane has too much of a hands-on approach.  Despite the successful seasons, McClane had too much input at times. 
Now it gets worse when MLB still hasn't approved a sale that was a done deal between McClane and Jim Crane's group.  It gives the appearance that MLB is trying to bully Houston to move to the American League.  This would be a bad move for the Stros.  They're at a very down level and would have to face a stronger hitting league.  Plus, there seems to be some improprieties from Crane's business w/ discrimination against minorities and women.  I don't know if Crane wouyld be a good owner, but this uncertainty hanging over Houston feels like a hurricane sized cloud. 
The youth movement is in place to continue as the status quo for next season.  We'll see.  I can only feel more apprehension for the offseason; not the usual hope I do.  Let's hope it gets better sooner than later.
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