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Posted on: January 1, 2012 5:28 pm

An Astronomical New Year? Wouldn't seem so.

Ok Astros fans.  MLB expects us to buckle in for last ride in the National League w/ our team.  How ironic, that in the 50th anniversary of the Astros in the National League, that it could be their last.  Bud Selig and his cronies are bullying bastards that obviously don't care about the fans.  Do they care that most of us live in the Central time zone and would have to stay up later to watch all the west coast games?  Hell no they don't.  I have a real job and have to get up early.  So do most fans.  It's pathetic. 
If they had half a brain, they would realize the Brewers are far more suited to go back to the AL, be in the Central and Kansas City would fit in the West Division nicely.  You can still have more a rivalry between Texas and Houston if interleague play is going to be throughout the season. 
It's obvious that the fans are not happy.  W/o the fans, what do the teams and baseball itself have anyway?  Nothing. 
I believe all Astros fans should get in on a class action suit against MLB to undo this travesty.  Why should MLB be allowed to be so unethical?  I don't see how that kind of bullying is even legal.  They took a team in a highly vulnerable circumstance and coerced them them to get what they want just so the sale could be approved.  This team is so young and at such an early stage of rebuilding, they can't compete in the AL as well as they could in the NL.  Is it fair to us to watch our team go through hell for several years just to please the greedy cronies running the sport? 
It's very disconcerting at the least and makes it very difficult to look forwward to the new season.  I can only hope the new owner and GM will get the team competitive expediently so they're not massacred. 
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